The Strange Loves of Gustave Dore


Also, The Monster of Notting Hill and The Sexual Meaning of Dreams

The Bloody Butcher of the Natchez Trail!

Man's Adventure February 1959

Also, The shocking case history of A Teenage Madame!, My Business Is Making Babies! and I Gave My Legs To The Maggots Of Africa!


White Flesh for the Warlords of China

Man's Adventure November 1958


Fry Me In Acid


Also, The Woman and the Whip: Last Stop on the Paris Underground, The Dolls Who Make The Dice Behave, and The Hot-House Hussies Who Teased A King!

The Gringo Bandit


Cold Steel Against Hot Lead – Would He Live To Return To Pancho Villa?


I Found The Mummies of Peru

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Man's Adventure Magazine March 1958 thumbnail
Man's Adventure Magazine March 1958

Also featuring Paris: Still The Most, They’re After Your Blood! Crimes Of Our Knife-Happy Medicos!, and I Faced A Million Tons of Hell… Hard Bullets and Soft Flesh

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Sex Slave to the Jungle Japs

Battle Cry January 1960 thumbnail
Battle Cry Magazine January 1960 thumbnail
Battle Cry January 1960
Battle Cry Magazine January 1960

While this cover is indeed racist, I don’t think those are the Japs I was promised.

Also featuring Listen While You Love, Tigers Spell Death, and Pearl Heart: Wildest Woman Of The West

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The Spitfires (Original Title: Whirlwind in Petticoats)

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The Story of Two Sisters Who Believed in “Free Love”

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Human Anchor in The Ice Pack


Also, Messy Love Lives of Millionaires, TV: Killer In Your Living Room, and Mating Rite of the Python Princess


Love House On The Run

March 1959 thumbnail
All Man March 1959 thumbnail
March 1959
All Man March 1959

First issue


Hitler’s Secret Army Of American Prostitutes!

Battle Cry Magazine February 1958 thumbnail
Battle Cry February 1958 thumbnail
Battle Cry Magazine February 1958
Battle Cry February 1958

Also featuring Bataan Death March and The Red-Ball Express

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I Traveled Through Cairo’s Sex Market

For Men Only February 1956

Whatever floats your boat, I guess…