The Little Blonde Goes With Me

True Detective December 1958

Also featuring Slayer At The Foot OF The Cross and Dead Women Don’t Walk


Vanished Airlines Blonde

True Detective September 1959

Also, We Were A Maniac’s Hostages and Marcia’s Worried Killer


Girls of the U-Boat Fleet

Adventure August 1960

Also featuring 9 Ways A Man Can Go Wrong Sexually and Two Men And A WAC — Against Jungle Death


The Polar Bear’s Revenge

Stag December 1972

The American-Eskimo Task Force That Stopped A Wildlife Massacre


Lust Queen


No Sin Was Taboo With The Girls He Met In Hollywood’s Flesh Pit!

From the back:

Too Much Sun
was a disease you could contact in Hollywood.
Too much good living and too many easy babes who didn’t really bother to get your lost name before they’d give you a good time. That was what Joey Baldwin, writer, fell info when he was commissioned to write the autobiography of ex-movie queen Mona Thorne. For Mona was in her thirties, looked like her twenties, and was filled with all the sin and shame of a hundred harlots.
She was a passionately beautiful woman with a soul so shriveled she thought lust was lovely and sin was sweet. And into her life came innocent Joey, whose idea of being a cynic was to cheat on a wife he had already divorced… But this was the big time, the Hollywood glitter-scene, and Joey’s ideas of sex and passion were petty beside those of Mona Thorne, a girl who had long since had too much money, too much sun, and —

Too Much Sex!


The Lost World Featuring Hunt Bowman

Planet Comics #34

A little something for the ladies, courtesy of Hunt Bowman.


The Barbary Love Thieves


Also featuring Will Your Wife Be Unfaithful? and The Island Of Lonesome Women


Hotel Waitress (Original Title: Pick-Up at Midnight)


A beautiful young girl, eager for love, finds herself plunged into a whirlpool of demanding men

From the back:

There Are Things A Girl Has To Do… and whether she liked them or not, Gracie knew that she would do them.

There was the shabby Marine Inn, with its run-down bar and dance floor, its dark little rooms upstairs. But the place needed a waitress… so Gracie took the job, because…

There was Joe Bent, the bartender, crafty-faced, leering, his eyes on her young beauty unmistakable in their demands. He needed a partner in evil… so Gracie became it, because…

There was Nick Panos, the boss, tired and drunken, sloppy in his handling of his money. He was just asking to be cheated… so Gracie cheated him, because… 

There was Dirk Halsey, the young stranger, wise and kind, demanding in his own breathtaking masculine way. He was there to be loved… so Gracie fell madly in love with him, because…

Because Of A Burning Need, A Ruthless Demand In Herself That Could Not Be Denied, Even Though It Meant Ruin For A … HOTEL WAITRESS