The Little Blonde Goes With Me

True Detective December 1958

Also featuring Slayer At The Foot OF The Cross and Dead Women Don’t Walk


Two Little Men

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Super-Detective January 1946 thumbnail
Super-Detective January 1946

This entire issue can be downloaded here

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Case of the Careless Pickup

True Detective October 1960

Also, Hot Cars And Cold Blood, How They Solved The Jackson Family Massacre, and Paroled To Murder Again


A Careless Killer And A Lonely Girl


Also featuring Guided Missile Murder and The Bookie Didn’t Bet On Death


The Slasher And The Young Widow

True Detective November 1960

Also featuring Rhode Island’s Triangle Love Killing and When Death Went Honky-Tonk


She Kept A Date With Her Killer


Also featuring “Come With Me Or I’ll Kill Your Whole Family” and Corpse On The Barroom Floor


Dismembered Blonde

True Detective April 1956

Also, Carlo Martin’s Date Was Death and I Murdered That Guy In Texas


New York’s Angry Young Gunmoll

Master Detective November 1959

Also, I Was The Bait In A Killer’s Trap and Strangled Redhead and The Spyglass Witness


Roadhouse Wanton

Idle Hour IH 422 1964 thumbnail
Idle Hour 422 1964 thumbnail
Idle Hour IH 422 1964
Idle Hour 422 1964

Men Stood In Line For This — Roadhouse Wanton

From the back

it looked like a quiet little roadhouse, but underneath the deceptive exterior lurked all the shame that could be assembled under one roof of degradation. Nick, the heartless task-master, saw to it that every waitress worked double duty… at the tables and in the upstairs shame rooms. And Ruth wasn’t spared this sinful fate, until Joel rescued her. Only that didn’t suit Pete, Joel’s sin brother, who was bound to break them up, even if it meant selling Ruth to the wolfing line of—
…$5.00 LUST!

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Million Dollar Tramp (1960)

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Crest Book #361 1960 thumbnail
Crest Book #361 1960

Joe Puma tracks down a missing heiress and steps into a love nest — of murder

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