She Who Strays…

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beacon #B-602F 1963

The shameless story of Marcia Webster whose desperate loneliness led her beyond the bounds of permissible love…

Could She Confine Her Love-Making To Men Only?

From the back:

Marcia’s Super-Active Love Life Included A Cast Of Lovers Miles Long — Male And Female!

Nature endowed Marcia Webster so enticingly that no man (or woman) could resist her. So when her millionaire playboy lover Jerry Smith suddenly scooted to Rio in the wake of a financial scandal, Marcia found herself besieged by Jerry’s panting pals…

First there was Hack Johnson, Jerry’s chief business associate. Marcia had to be especially good to Hack because he held the corporate cards that would keep Jerry out of jail. Then there was Laverne, soft, slim, high-fashion model who never knew a man and never wanted to as long as women like Marcia were around.

Two real he-men, Ed Wardle and Art Brown, did their best to pry Marcia from Laverne. And when Laverne consoled herself with Ed’s wife Daisy, Marcia’s sudden jealousy forced her to make the most tormenting decision of her life.

Can A Woman Who Strays From The Paths Of Normal Love Ever Return? Can A Man Once Again Take Such A Woman Into His Arms? Here Is A Novel That Asks, And Answers, These Engrossing Questions.

Not sure who did this cover, but the two women on the back are the work of Charles Copeland, from the cover of The Narrow Line


Two Faces Of Passion

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This is a nice cover, with some great artwork by Ray Johnson, but the text is what really makes it awesome!

They were sisters, identical, breathtakingly lovely. Meet Kit, who would follow a man to heaven… and Theona, whose unholy passions would drag him into hell!

Then Meet The Man They Both Wanted… Wanted Badly Enough To Share—Without His Knowledge!

The Shocking Story Of One Man Shared By Two Sisters!

From the back cover:

Strange Sisterhood

They were two exquisitely lovely sisters, twins, perfectly alike in their blonde and bosomy beauty. Yet any man who knew them both in their intimate moments would find them as different as night and day. Brill O’Hearn was such a man. He learned that Kit Durand was warm, yielding, a girl in whom passion ran so strongly it flared in spontaneous combustion. But Theona was something else. She was just as warm, just as provocative—but she was also wanton and cruel. For Theona has strangely abnormal desires…

Brill, like other men—and girls—discovered that Theona could find completeness in love only by giving hurt, by drawing blood, by inflicting pain. He thought he wanted Kit, yet Theona swore to possess him for her own cruelties… and how could he be sure that she was not the one he craved? After all, the girls looked exactly alike.

And so sprang up between the sisters a bitter rivalry, a wild competition for the same man. So intense was the competition that at one point Theona tried to make Brill think her body was Kit’s body. By this means she meant to win him—in order to crush him, beat him, make him a sexual plaything… as she had made so many others…

A Novel Wholly Compelling And Utterly Different… Treating Frankly Of A Subject Rarely Discussed!

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Venus Books 145 1952

She Had A New Idea About Love… A Wild One!


The Last Princess

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Sister Of An Emperor — Mistress Of An Outcast

From the back:

This is the saga of Atahualpa, the last Inca, whose madness and lust was his doom… Of Princess Tacara-mi, who, by the law of the land, could experiment with all men before marriage, but found the one man she wanted in Taclos, the Emperor’s minister… And Pizzaro, the Spaniard, whose gleaming cannons bought an exotic empire to its knees!

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The Untamed Wife Of Louis Scott (1953)

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The Intimate Story Of A Wanton Woman

The 1951 edition is here

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Some Must Die


They were snowbound with greed and passion drove them to murder