The Trouble Trailer


Quick Trigger Showdown In Smoky Hill
Hashknife Hartley and Sleepy Stevens take sides in a blazing range war


Trailer Camp Woman

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If She Wasn’t A Tramp, Why Did She Behave Like One?
Ann Mitchel Was Married To A Brute Who Preferred Beating Her To Loving Her


Trailer-Camp Girl

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They Called Her A Trailer Tramp!

A Story Of The Carefree Women Who Live — And Love — In Trailer Camps

From the back:

A Girl In A Gilded Cage — On Wheels!
Trailer Tramp, they called Anne Mitchell. Yet she was no more than the innocent victim of explosive desire, the dupe of a diabolical brute who made of her life a hell on wheels — and Anne herself, a hellcat!

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Trailer Trollop

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Nightstand Books NB1703 - Trailer Trollop (1964)
Nightstand Book # NB1553, 1961

Four Wild Girls — Out To Ruin Men!
They Lived In A House Of Sin — On Wheels!

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The Trailer Park Girls

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Their Love Was As Mobile As Their Home And Just As Carefree


Blonde Captives of the Cavemen

Man's Adventure April 1959

Out of the four captives shown, only one can be described as blonde.

Also featuring Call-Girl Queen of the Underworld, Twelve Things You Should Know About Women, and The True Facts About America’s Trailer Camps


Sin on Wheels

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Midwood F276 1963

The Uncensored Confessions Of A Trailer Camp Tramp

“My husband is gone for the day. Come on in and I’ll prove it.”

From back:

The trailer camp dwellers were always having fun — especially when they played strip poker, switch parties and other interesting games!

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Bedrooms on Wheels


The Men Called Her Julia… The Women Called Her — Tramp!
Thrown into dangerous intimacy by the cramped quarters of the trailer camps, the traveling construction men and their young restless women sat on a powder keg of sex.