Trailer-Camp Girl

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They Called Her A Trailer Tramp!

A Story Of The Carefree Women Who Live — And Love — In Trailer Camps

From the back:

A Girl In A Gilded Cage — On Wheels!
Trailer Tramp, they called Anne Mitchell. Yet she was no more than the innocent victim of explosive desire, the dupe of a diabolical brute who made of her life a hell on wheels — and Anne herself, a hellcat!

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Trailer Trollop

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Nightstand Books NB1703 - Trailer Trollop (1964)
Nightstand Book # NB1553, 1961

Four Wild Girls — Out To Ruin Men!
They Lived In A House Of Sin — On Wheels!

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The Trailer Park Girls

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Their Love Was As Mobile As Their Home And Just As Carefree


Trailer Camp Woman

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If She Wasn’t A Tramp, Why Did She Behave Like One?
Ann Mitchel Was Married To A Brute Who Preferred Beating Her To Loving Her


Sin on Wheels

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Midwood F276 1963

The Uncensored Confessions Of A Trailer Camp Tramp

“My husband is gone for the day. Come on in and I’ll prove it.”

From back:

The trailer camp dwellers were always having fun — especially when they played strip poker, switch parties and other interesting games!

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Bedrooms on Wheels


The Men Called Her Julia… The Women Called Her — Tramp!

Thrown into dangerous intimacy by the cramped quarters of the trailer camps, the traveling construction men and their young restless women sat on a powder keg of sex.


Blonde Captives of the Cavemen

Man's Adventure April 1959

Out of the four captives shown, only one can be described as blonde.

Also featuring Call-Girl Queen of the Underworld, Twelve Things You Should Know About Women, and The True Facts About America’s Trailer Camps