A Labor of Love / The Women She Had

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Private Edition PE406 1966

Even as the statue took on shape and texture… so did a relationship she never thought possible.

Sexy Jill wanted men… but other women wanted her!

From the back of A Labor of Love

Dorcas, the young socialite…who came down to the Village seeking to develop a talent, who came in search of a means of self-expression, who came in the hope of putting an end to a nagging inner unrest she was unable to fully understand.
Gina, the sensuous model…a lovely wanton with a flawless body, demanding that she be paid by the hour, whether working as a model by day or a mistress by night.
Suddenly, for Dorcas, it wasn’t enough to mold the exquisite details of Gina’s sleek thighs and hips and breasts in clay…suddenly, she had to work with something softer than clay, something warmer…like flesh!

From the back of The Women She Had

Jill let her hands roam over Betty’ naked body, as Betty kissed her with wild passion. It was tremendously exciting to feel the smooth flesh, to caress the lush curves, to make that warm body tremble with anticipation…. The damn years she had wasted! The thrilling pleasures she had missed! No more! Never again would she do without….

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