Alexander Botts Earthworm Tractors


I have no idea what this book is about.


One thought on “Alexander Botts Earthworm Tractors”

  1. “Introducing Alexander Botts, salesman of Earthworm Tractors, who is, according to his own modest estimate, a natural born salesman, an artist, and one of the best natural talkers in the organization. When sent to sell a tractor to an English lord, he reveals himself as a man of culture and innate refinement who realizes that a cutaway and all the etceteras are necessities when dealing with the titled nobility. Although in general he tries to cultivate a polite and ingratiating manner, Botts on a collecting job is a hard-boiled bozo, in a very softhearted way. Whether it means diving into a well for a drowned cat, promoting a beauty contest, or riding into a swamp, Alexander Botts always makes his sale, and even if you’re not interested in a tractor, you’re sure to be interested in and delighted by Botts. Share this book with someone in uniform.”

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