3 thoughts on “All Eternity Before Them”

  1. I wonder if Hersey Publications sought compensation from the National Socialist German Workers’ Party for trademark infringement ?

    1. The party had adopted the cross (but reversed) in 1920, so it may well have been the other way around.
      Anyway, the magazine dropped it at the end of 1929, it was no longer a symbol of good reading.

  2. The insignia on the plane appears to have the colors reversed from the hen USAAC Insignia.—but the USAAC mark had a 5-pointed star, whereas this one has what appears to be a 6-pointed star. Interestingly, the then still extant Costa Rican Military Air Force, at some time before its dissolution in 1948 used a 5-pointed star insignia with the U.S. colors reversed, and in the same period the Guatemalan Air Force used a similar sky-blue, white sky-blue insignia with a 6-pointed star. The insignia in the illustration would appear to be a mash up of the old Costa Rican, US and Guatemalan National Markings. — but this may predate the appearance of the Latin American examples. O know—I am an aviation geek :-)

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