All Girls Are Mine On Pitjendajara Island

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Also featuring A Man, A Ballerina, A 2,000 Mile Getaway: We Shall Walk Out Of Siberia (illustrated by James Bama), and The G.I. Secret In The French Girl’s Bedroom

via Greg McCambley

2 thoughts on “All Girls Are Mine On Pitjendajara Island”

  1. In fact the Pitjantjara people are a huge tribal group in the desert lands of Australia and our GI hero, on his way to finding the secret in the French girl’s bedroom, is protecting a Maori girl from what appears to be savage Zulus. The dude in the shark-tooth necklace MIGHT be a South Seas Islander (except Maori warriors did not use spears). More research was required–but wait!! It’s a Sweats Magazine cover, no need for authenticity at all!

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