Andy Kary, Yankee Hero Of Squadron 60

Men February 1960

Only A Stubborn American In A Beat-Up Bi-Plane Could Block A German Victory In WWII Greece


One thought on “Andy Kary, Yankee Hero Of Squadron 60”

  1. Apart from the glorious covers the other great thing about pulp magazines is their equally audacious By-lines such as is represented here: ONLY A STUBBORN AMERICAN IN A BEAT UP BI-PLANE COULD BLOCK A GERMAN VICTORY IN WWII GREECE….let us put aside for the moment the hundreds of Aussies and Maoris and British who fought a blazing bloody retreat all the way back through Greece and Crete. Thank you, Andy Kary, Yankee hero of Squadron 60 for saving our miserable hides!!
    None the less it looks like an interesting story to read

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