Epic Original No. 144, 1962 thumbnail
Epic Original No. 144, 1962 Back thumbnail
Epic Original No. 144, 1962
Epic Original No. 144, 1962 Back

Under the surgeon’s knife, Griff Sheridan had become more than any woman dared hope for… a super-human twenty-fifth century lover capable of driving all girls wild!

From the back:

Space Pirates, under the leadership of the ruthless and cunning Baldur, had been terrorizing and looting commercial spacecraft… Like the swashbucklers of centuries back. Troop Sergeant Griff Sheridan’s orders were to find them and destroy them… if he had to go to the end of the universe to do it. The assignment was a challenge to the hardened military man. But would he ever again know the flesh of his pretty, brown Martian girl?


One thought on “Assault!”

  1. 25th Century women apparently wear VERY tight clothing!–and love-making is more of an assault. I bet Griff curses that surgeon because no-one seems to be enjoying the experience!

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