Baby Face


She looked so sweet and innocent. No one suspected that she preyed on other girls…

 From the back:

LES’BI-AN-ISM, n: love between females.
That’s the dictionary definition. But exactly what is this feminine mystery? How does it begin? Is it completely physical? Can there actually be a “successful” relationship?
In this daring new novel, Randy Salem boldly comes up with fresh answers. She pictures the heartaches, the strains, the lustful and voluptuous delights of the Lesbian way of life. She introduces three sex-mad women:
Karel – high principled, yet intensely passioned.
Liz – successful seducer, and perversely possessive.
Marlena – as unscrupulous as she is sensuous.
You will follow their affair moment by moment to its unforgettable climax. And you will learn why they all craved the irresistible girl called…BABY FACE


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