Bedlam In The Bedroom!

Eyeful magazine cover, June 1952 thumbnail
Eyeful June 1952 thumbnail
Eyeful magazine cover, June 1952
Eyeful June 1952

This may be the least threatening Animal Attack cover I have ever posted.

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One thought on “Bedlam In The Bedroom!”

  1. I enjoy your comments…this is especially amusing, the least threatening animal attack cover you have ever posted! How true!

    I really love your covers and salute you for preserving and sharing these amazing historical pieces of literature and art!

    When looking at them, i am often reminded of Mr. Sherman in The Seven Year Itch, and his lurid covers for Little Women and for the serious psychiatric tome of the German Doctor! “May I remind you, Mr. Sherman, that the mad lover of Leipswig’s victims were middle-aged women?” (The cover of course shows a voluptuous female like many of these do!)

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