Bedroom Eyes

Bedroom Eyes paperback cover, 1935 thumbnail
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Bedroom Eyes paperback cover, 1935
Love Book Monthly No.1
Novel Library 18, 1949
Avon Bedside Novels 4, 1951
Maurice Dekobra. Bedroom Eyes 1951

A Ladies Man — A Naughty Wife — A Wicked Mistress

From the back:

Dashing Marquis de Baristan found himself in the embarrassing position of having to choose between his beautiful American wife and his delightful Parisian mistress. And when he finally decided on the French lovely, he had to find some way of alienating his wife’s adoring affections.
So he asked his best friend, handsome Henry Lefumez, to help him out—by falling in love with the Marquise!
However, pretty Billie de Baristan, besides being beautiful, was also exceedingly clever at problems of love. How she planned to hold her husband’s heartstrings, please the amorous Henry, and outwit her shapely rival all at the same time is a story only Maurice Dekobra could do full justice to. You will be thrilled by this diverting account of the secret loves and jealousies that blossom amid the scented salons of Paris.

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