Beyond the Call of Duty (Original Title: The Locust Fire)


A rugged story of American airmen in China — and their wartime women


One thought on “Beyond the Call of Duty (Original Title: The Locust Fire)”

  1. The back cover reads:

    George Lewis joined because flying was in his blood. The day he learned he’d never get his wings, it broke him.

    Washed out of flight school because he had V.D., transferred as a radio operator to China, George risked death on every mission. He held himself together with the promise that soon he’d get home. But there was always another mission…and another…and another.

    Finally George Lewis stopped caring. He headed for the dark alleys to find women, to burn out his life, to destroy theirs.

    Then, suddenly, he faced a violent crisis–a decision that called for the kind of guts you must have when you lay your life on the line.

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