Broadway Darkness

Dancer, Breezy Stories magazine cover, August 1935 thumbnail
Breezy Stories August 1935 thumbnail
Dancer, Breezy Stories magazine cover, August 1935
Breezy Stories August 1935

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5 thoughts on “Broadway Darkness”

  1. Seems that the original painting was modified for the cover–the girl’s head was slightly enlarged and moved. I imagine it was done to add more room for the title?

    1. Possibly. The painting certainly looks more polished than the cover, but it is also possible that the artist reworked the painting afterwards. I don’t have any official knowledge either way.

    2. Perhaps, it was done to get the head in front of the logo and the beach-towel behind? So, why remove the bracelet? At a guess, the head was done by someone the the magazine’s art department rather thanby the original artist.

  2. I’d guess that the painting isn’t the original used for the cover, but a recreation done at some later date. There seem to be too many differences for it to be a “painted over” original. Not that I’m an expert.

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