Cabin Hostess (Original Title: Unfaithful)

Cabin Hostess, paperback cover, 1952 thumbnail
Venus Books, No.196 1957 thumbnail
Venus Books #196 1952 thumbnail
Cabin Hostess, paperback cover, 1952
Venus Books, No.196 1957
Venus Books #196 1952

The shocking story about what goes on behind the motel door

From the back:

This is the revealing story about one woman who was owned body and soul by a ruthless operator. He used her innocence and beauty like commodities—to further his own ends.
She could have freed herself by talking about what went on in the dead of night on the grounds of the Florida motel—but what good would it do her? She was DAMAGED GOODS!
She knew it would take a man made of steel to make a real woman of her again. But what decent man would ever want her—with her past?

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  1. He is telling her his brand of cigarettes is better tasting than hers and to prove it he’s inviting her to have a puff on his cig.

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