Carla (1964)

Beacon B786X 1964

To the world — a “Les”
To her lovers — “Butch”
To herself — “Tramp”

From the back:

What does this mean in terms of the human being—the beautiful, gray-eyed, twenty-year-old girl called Carla?
What does it mean beyond the fact that Carla preferred girls to boys, man-style sexual freedom to buttons and bows?
MARGARET knows — because she is the first girl to be seduced by Carla. JAMIE knows-because she is the one who lives with Carla, making love yet not loving.
SORREL knows because she turns the tables, takes Carla by force.
HILDA knows-because with her talented stripper’s body she is able to toy with Carla.
Do You Want to KnowAre You Curious About the Day-ToDay Details Of Lesbianism, The Causes, The Rewards And The TorturesIf SoRead Carla


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