2 thoughts on “Case Of The Living Mummy”

  1. Art by Robert Gibson Jones.

    Picture crime on back cover solved in 4 minutes and 59 seconds :
    The doctor has been stabbed in the back, while he was rushing to the burglar, the lady said. That sounds suspicious, doesn’it, officer ?

    1. 1) The burglar “took the dagger from the wall, stabbed the doctor as he [the burglar] rushed out [of the house].” It could be that the doctor had his back turned when the burglar stabbed him. However, why stab a man with his back turned towards you if you are merely trying to get away? The only motivation to kill in that manner is to make sure that there are no living witnesses to the crime. Yet, the woman was left alive? That doesn’t make sense.

      2) Also, the burglar was surprised as he was opening the safe. Yet the safe isn’t just fully opened but also valuables have already been extracted and scattered around.

      3) The position of the body indicates the man was sitting down when stabbed from the back and then he fell forward.

      Possible solution: The sofa chair was in front of the window. Therefore, the woman was at the window, reached out and grabbed the handle of the left dagger, which was the dagger closest to the window, with which she stabbed the doctor in the back and then opened up the safe leaving it in the manner seen to back up the invented story of a burglar. Or, if this is the doctor’s house and safe and not hers, the doctor opened up the safe, retrieved a necklace, put it on her (without closing the safe), sat down in the chair to admire it on her, and then she went to the window, killed him and removed various valuables from the safe as seen.

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