The Last Days of Sodom and Gomorrah

Signet 1399 Paperback Original (March, 1957). Cover by Robert Maguire thumbnail
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Signet 1399 Paperback Original (March, 1957). Cover by Robert Maguire

Passions and Debauchery Explode in History’s Most Wicked City

Shouldn’t that be “cities”?


Dr. No


A beautiful nature girl and secret agent James Bond battle a power-mad maniac on a secluded island of death

The artist read the book! Honeychile Ryder is described wearing a loose cotton shirt and belt, carrying a knife, when she and Bond explore No’s island.


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From The Deadly September, retouched by the awesome Jeremy Hodges

Night Nurse

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She was lovely and warm — just what the patients needed!

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Rasputin: The Mad Monk


The Extraordinary Story Of A Religious Fanatic Who Changed The Course Of History


Black Opium

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The shocking ecstasy of the forbidden

From the back:

The world of BLACK OPIUM is a forbidden world where human bodies find them-selves possessed and driven by desires which consume them in the flames of hot-blooded ecstasy . . .
Here is a world of torture and torment, filled with the fantastically erotic shapes of the living nightmares of depraved love —a book that will astound you with its frank revelations of vice and corruption

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Kill Now, Pay Later

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She had a glass in one hand, a champagne bottle in the other, and trouble splashed all over her lovely lush body.

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Wanton for Murder


First of a brief series of novels featuring debonair detective Shomri Shomar, loaned by the Israeli government to the New York police department..

Joe Adamo, ambulance attendant, examined the drunk who had fallen off the tenement roof. He didn’t know what he was letting himself in for! For example: Neva Nerrell, the drunk’s gorgeous wife, who had fewer morals than an alley cat; or the drunk himself, not really a drunk, who would recover from his fall, but shortly turn up as a murder suspect!

Joe wanted to be a doctor. Instead he would up playing detective, and was mixed up with diamond smugglers, a wanton killer, and The Mob. Joe was in ‘way over his head. It would take Lieutenant Shomri Shomar, most unconventional of sleuths, to pull him out again.


Time To Prey

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An oriental doll gets shanghaied by murder as Liddell untangles a deadly Chinese puzzle.

“This isn’t the place to talk,” the Chinese girl murmured. Liddell smiled.”Then let’s think of better things to do.”

via Edit: Now with First Edition cover art. Also, see the very informative article on Frank Kane’s Johnny Liddell from Killer Covers.

The Technocrats


Explaining Technocracy: A Revolution Without Bloodshed

Thirty Million Out Of Work in 1933 — Or $20,000 A Year Income For Every Family — Which?

This rare, Depression-era one-shot was published in 1933


Flying Rodents Ripped My Flesh!


A.K.A “Bats

Also includes New U.S. Menace: Teen-Agers In Black Leather Jackets and Don’t Be A Sucker — Cheat!