The Lonesome Quarter


The Virile and Earthy Story of a Small-Time Rancher and a Roughneck Rodeo Girl


Space Tug


A thrilling adventure of work and war in the empty void between the planets.


Bachelor In Suburbia

Beacon Books B547F PB; 1962 thumbnail
Beacon B547F 1962 thumbnail
Beacon Books B547F PB; 1962
Beacon B547F 1962

What This Man Knew About The Amorous Ways of Suburban Women Would Fill A Book…

Such as, for instance, this book!

Here Is Wealthy Suburbia Stripped Raw As The Tangled Game of Mixing Mates Rockets To New Heights!

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Incomplete Superman

21969510-3321495876_29379f4f7b_b[1] thumbnail
Future Combined with Science Fiction Stories, March 1951 thumbnail
Future Combined with Science Fiction Stories, March 1951

This striking cover illustration of interplanetary infatuation is based on a story by Lester Del Ray, “The Last Lunacy,” described in the table of contents by the blurb: “When the Moon came close to the Earth, the last phase began.”

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Motel Mistress


She Couldn’t Get Enough Men — And She Couldn’t Get Enough Of Any Man!

This book has the same cover painting as the incongruently titled Hot Pants Homo


This Star Shall Be Free


also, Gateway to Darkness