The $1,000,000 Treasure Hunt


Stag Book Bonus illustration, c. 1963


Legacy Of A Spy / Calling Mr Callaghan / Nicht mein Bier (Not My Beer)

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In his world no man or woman was to be trusted. For even the face of love could mask the shadow of sudden death.


An outstanding story of murder, robbery and blackmail

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I Fought The Suez Sea Beast

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Adventure March 1957 thumbnail
21199932-Adventure - 1957 03 March - Cover By Mort Kunstler as Emmett Kaye
Adventure March 1957

Also, ‘The Man Who Sweet-Talks Murder’, ‘Are Other Worlds Watching Us?’, and ‘Can Sex Enslave Your Mind?’

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I Fought The Sea Killer

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Also, ‘Don’t Buy Bottled Love’, ‘I Saw The Cobra Strike’, and ‘Our Strange Devil Worship Cults’


Expedition To The Lost City of Gold

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Action for Men illustration, November 1971

This issue also features ‘The Death Commandos‘, “I’m Going to Steal Your Car Tonight“, and ‘What Every Man Must Know About Women’s Breasts‘. Although, if you have to read about it in this magazine, it probably won’t do you any good.

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“My Body Is For Hire” A Top Party Girl Tells Her Secrets

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One-Man Raid on Hitler’s Number One Bordello

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“Hitler’s No 1 Sex Castle”


High School Rebel / Coolest Girl

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Midwood Books 34-773, 1967

Two high-school girls who knew the score!

From the back:

Eighteen-year-old Karen was a girl of provocative charm but she didn’t seem to care—not until the night she found her father had a double standard, one for Karen and men and one for himself and the redhead from town. From then on it was no holds barred —
Lydia was only seventeen but she was old enough to know she wanted a man who was cool and suave enough to make it big in her high-school crowd. Status and sophistication were the most important things to Lydia until the night she found out what it cost her to get a man who had them.

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Thorn of Evil

Midwood Books F199, 1962

The view from the garden was beautiful — and tempting.

From the back:

She performed the lowest act she could think of, just to spite her errant husband. As a result a whole family was dragged to the very depths of depravity by a brutal man who used raw sex as a weapon of revenge. Included in his plans was Nono, the beautiful and tantalizing daughter whose poolside antics left nothing to the imagination.


Office Tramp: Confessions of an Executive Sweet

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Office Tramp Confessions of an Executive Sweet

Her Job was to Keep the Bosses Happy, and It Wasn’t by Taking Dictation!

Wait, what?


Is My Flesh of Brass?


Honestly, the only reason I posted this one is the look on that guys face. Simply priceless!


Pagan Summer

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Midwood 32-465,1965
Midwood 32-465,1965 Back

“It was her job to see that the young widow forgot about the tragedy of her honeymoon…and she intended to earn every penny of the salary being paid her!”

From the back:

For Muriel, it was the chance of a lifetime, being hired as a resident nurse and personal companion to the young socialite who had been widowed on her wedding night. Erin Lenox had the face of an angel and the body of a goddess and the shock of her tragedy had left her seething with unfulfilled needs and pathetically vulnerable and susceptible to any form of affection.
Muriel knew it was only a matter of time before she’d be able to show the girl a different kind of love… a different source of forbidden passion. And, once initiated, Muriel was confident that their roles would be reversed… she’d be the mistress and Erin Lenox, the slave.
She’d own that lovely face, that glorious body… and most of all, all that wonderful money!

A cropped version of the painting was also reproduced in the adventure pulp Men’s, January 1968, for the story “Encounter on the Beach” by Frances Lengel. The lesbian theme is gone and it was used instead to illustrate a story about man and woman meeting on the beach:

“My fingers caressed her skin with sun-tan oil, and I could feel the tension leaver her….. soon her whole body was responding to my touch.”

They even made the standing leg more masculine for the magazine reuse


Edit: Added alternate cover from a reprint

Her body was ripe for love — Any kind that came along

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