Fry Me In Acid


Also, The Woman and the Whip: Last Stop on the Paris Underground, The Dolls Who Make The Dice Behave, and The Hot-House Hussies Who Teased A King!

Monster of the Casbah

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Also, Boudoir Brigadier and Are You A “Love Coward”


The Love Raiders


Also, Are You A Real Man?, Are You Fit For Marriage?, and The Sex Queen of the Civil War

I Photographed Montreal’s Vice

Stag March 1954

When I think of Montreal, the first two things that come to mind are giant flying manta ray attacks, and prostitutes.


The Fighting Nympho of Normandy

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All Man Magazine July 1965

How Any Man Can Collect A Harem

Step 1) Be extremely rich


The Price You Pay For Going Naked

All Man Magazine July 1964 thumbnail
All Man July 1964 thumbnail
All Man Magazine July 1964
All Man July 1964

Also, What Women Want Out of Sex and Jungle Duel of Death

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Inside Arabia’s Body Bazaar: Where Slave Girls Sell For $50


Also, I Was A Professional Lover For The Secret Service

The Lawsuits That Threaten Your Life

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Real Men - October 1960 thumbnail
Real Men October 1960
Real Men - October 1960

Also Swimming Pools of Passion and The Sex-Mad Monsters of Dortmund


Fräulein U-Boat: With a stolen sub, a cargo of jewels, and five girls, a die-hard Nazi set out on the weirdest voyage of World War II


Also, ‘My Life With The Lost Tribe of Amazon Women’