Charge of the Lusty Brigade

MAN'S ACTION Volume 6, Number 6 (January 1966) thumbnail
$_57 (1) thumbnail
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MAN'S ACTION Volume 6, Number 6 (January 1966)
$_57 (1)
$_57 (2)
$_57 (3)

Also featuring I Had to Satisfy 3 Women or Face a Firing SquadDeath Crush of the Savage MonsterPlay-Mate Prisoner of 7 Manhungry Russian VirginsExotic Nudes in a Government Sin PalaceThe World’s Wildest Nymphomaniac, and Sex Drug That Drives Lovers Crazy


One thought on “Charge of the Lusty Brigade”

  1. Another marvelous action-packed cover and worth collecting for the Volume Number and Year alone (especially if you were into Devil Worship, containing as it does not just 3 6’s but 4.) “Banzai! A lusty Banzai! Oh, crap, I just cut off my head–never mind, I’ll hold it on with my sword blade.”…..and who do you think is the world’s wildest nymphomaniac out of those three women?

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