Coming Of The Cat-Men

Dime Mystery Magazine - October 1940 thumbnail
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Dime Mystery Magazine - October 1940

I know it says Cat-Men, but that sure looks like a Snake-Man to me.

Also featuring The Corpse Who Wouldn’t Die! and Master Of The Graveyard Ghouls

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5 thoughts on “Coming Of The Cat-Men”

  1. It’s Harry Fisk.

    Who’s left to figure out on this pulp? I think almost all of them have been identified (but not yet proven).

    1. Harry Fisk’s and Grant Hargis’s women have similar faces. I need to see more of their artwork to get the nuances down better. At any rate, this might be a Hargis, so I take back what I said about it being Fisk. It might be Fisk, but it also might be Hargis. Two compass spindles are now on both artists with a (magically appearing) third on the question mark.

      1. There’s not much art to go by, but by diligently comparing the three Dime Mystery Fisks:

        Playthings For Madmen
        A Corpse Stole My Wife
        Satan Had A Nursery/Death’s Lips Are Hot

        and the two Dime Mystery Hargis’s:

        Legion Of Terror
        The Dead Sail Down To Rio

        I now see that this painting is probably Grant Hargis’s work.

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