3 thoughts on “Death All Around Me”

  1. I know I say thank you a lot for all the hard work you do but let me explain why I so enjoy your site and the education it brings.

    I went to the Internet Archive via your link and I always enjoy reading the ads. I found the one on the back for the Science Fiction Book Club (I was once a member years ago) and was interested in their selections (3 for $1) from 1953. I actually have a couple of these (minor book collector) but was interested in one of them (Double Jeopardy). I had to do some “detective work” as the author’s names are not visible but I found the book, it looks interesting, so I got it. I love sci-fi from this era and, once again, your “little post” has broadened my education of a new author I was not familiar with.

    THAT is why I say “Thank You” to you so often.

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