Death Deep Down

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Gold Medal k1524 1965

Topside She Was All Honey And Sex And Woman — Underwater She Had The Conscience Of A Shark

From the back:

Vietnam had been a bitch, and when I got to New York with 27 day’s leave, I had one hell of a lot of catching up to do on fun and games.
I walked into my hotel and smack into murder.
I walked out with an international agent at my heels.
I was going to get to play games after all—their way.
It wasn’t all bad. I got to play house the whole time with a gorgeous brunette named Dulcie. Even U.S. Naval Intelligence knew how to play —they tossed Dulcie and me into a very luxurious, and very phony, setup. Trouble was, most of the fun people at the fun houseparty on the fun island turned out to be killers or corpses or more international agents.
It was one hell of a leave, I tell you. Give me Viet Nam any day.


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