5 thoughts on “Death Tolls The Bell”

  1. Although she’s got the typical Howitt mouth, this painting is far inferior to his typical work. So I’d have to say this ain’t his work. Looks closer to Drew or Zirm to me.

    1. “Looks closer to Drew or Zirm to me.”

      Yes, yes, yes, it certainly was closer to Drew or Zirm. It’s most definitely NOT Howitt. However, that statement is soooo last year! I will update my statement (being a month and a half older and wiser) and say: This is, without a doubt, a John Drew painting.

      1. Unless the original was Howitt and John Drew re-painted it…?

        Except that the ORIGINAL bears Drew’s style, not the re-painted version… (Notice the eyes of the man in both covers and then compare them to the eyes of other men in John Drew covers. The eyes of the original cover bear the same look as the John Drew covers. The eyes of the re-painted cover do not.)

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