2 thoughts on “Dumdum Voor Een Vamp”

  1. The same artwork appears on “Date With A Dead Man” #1664 by Brett Halliday, 45 cents, 1967. The Dutch title needs little translation… ” dummy bullet for a flirt / tease” .

  2. How cool to see this artwork again! My parents owned a copy of this book for years. I read it as a child, although it probably wasn’t the most suitable kind of novel for a kid like me.
    The title, ‘Dumdum Voor een Vamp’, literally means ‘A dumdum-bullet for a femme fatale’. A dumdum-bullet is a soft point bullet or a jacketed hollow-point bullet. They are bullets that easily expand or flatten in the body. In the novel, they are used because they are supposed to cause a very painful death.
    When a child, I remember the title intrigued me. I thought the lady on the cover looked pretty. I thought ‘dumdum’ must be a kind of candy that I never heard of. That assumption was soon to be corrected though…

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