Excuse My Dust

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She Lost Her Dignity… He Lost His Heart

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3 thoughts on “Excuse My Dust”

  1. What a great picture! And what a fantastic name for an Author! I love the car and what respectable dog would not chase THAT contraption….Also the woman bears a striking resemblance to Katherine Hepburn from True Grit or The African Queen- one of my favourite actresses

  2. Excuse my dust! She was in Rooster Cogburn as Miss Eula Goodnight, with that gritty old Marshall, sundry bad dudes and several Indians. Check out her bonnet in that film and tell me I don’t speak the truth that here she is suffering another nightmare ride

  3. Stephen J. Voorhies’ cover art.
    You’re right about the woman’s hat, Captn.
    The car seems to be a 1905 Ford model F.

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