Faculty Wife

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Joan Ellis Midwood 1966

The professor’s young wife had a way of walking that made the boys wonder if she was trying to tell them something.

From the back:

Campus Gossip 

“…just doesn’t make sense. How does a juicy
number like her end up married to a dull college

“…got to be a reason why she always wears those
tight sweaters whenever she parades around the

“…mark my words, there’s only one logical reason
why she’s suddenly so very popular with all the male

“…be worth the risk to find out what a guy had to
do to get himself a passing grade from a chick like

“…my own ideas on how that little lady likes to
occupy herself while her husband is teaching in

“…all it takes is just one guy to take a chance and
follow her home. And buddy, you’re looking at that

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