Fever In The Sun

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For Dave Rogers, 19, The Lure Of An Older Woman Was Overwhelmingly Exciting — And Gloria Was Old. She Was 30… And Bored To Tears With Her Husband!

An Insight Into What Really Goes On At Summer Resorts When Bored Wives And College-Age Staffers Are Thrown Together In Circumstances That Can Only Lead To Bed

From the back:

It Was Summertime… And The Loving Was Easy…

The crowd at the Lodge was gay and friendly… and some of the guests mixed only too well!
There was Gloria Logan — for whom, at 30, the hot, sweet ardor of honeymoon days had long since turned into the dull routine of desultory love-making… catapulting her into discreet indiscretions!
There was Dave Rogers — for whom, at 19, the lure of an older woman held more excitement and promise than the callow charms of undiscriminating co-eds… and Gloria’s warm-blooded ripeness promised much!
There was Cindy Hamilton — who, at 18, had already been subjected to a forced, and unwanted experience — and who was now willing to experiment with an exotic kind of love!
There was Anita Lundquist — a blonde bombshell who liked bewitching brunettes — like Cindy! 

And Then There Were The Week-End Husbands Who Swarmed Down Either Too Tired To Toy With Love Or Too Eager To Find A New Playmate!

This entire book can be downloaded here


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