5 thoughts on “Food For Coffins”

    1. I don’t see the other cover listed under the Baumhofer tag, so either I am mistaken about seeing this cover already or the other cover is not tagged Baumhofer.

      Or it may be that I’ve seen aspects of this cover in other covers of Baumhofer and I’m just combining the images. For example, compare the face of the woman in this cover with the face of the woman in the My Lady of Death cover or the face of the woman in The Crimson Whip cover or the face of the woman in the Mystery Under the Sea cover, etc.

      Nevertheless, the monk in this cover looks extremely familiar to me, but I don’t see his image in any of the other tagged Baumhofer covers on this blog, so perhaps there is another cover that has him on it. I guess this will remain a mystery for now.

    1. Bless your heart, marc! Yes, Girls For The Coffin Syndicate is where I saw this cover before. And what really bugged me was I looked at this cover and my mind said, “It’s the same as the other cover, but something is different about it.” And sure enough, the corpses and dress are different. Mystery is solved. You deserve a No-Prize.

      Note to self: Trust your by memory from now on until proven wrong.

      Note to blog owner: Satan’s House Party (referred to by marc) was painted by John Drew.

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