Free Lovers (Original Title: Fiddler’s Fee)

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Novel Library #3, 1948

From the back:

Pierce Bryce hadn’t paid attention when his knockout
of a wife, Peggy, announced she was going to divorce
him to marry the town weatherman. For Peggy had
always had a frivolous mind and a flock of ardent
swains at her heels. But when it developed that half
the hot-bloods in town were getting panicky over
Peggy’s latest notion, Pierce woke up to find something
dreadfully wrong.

For when some of Peggy’s own lovers such as Merlin
Moore, writer of purple passion, Arthur Sorel,
spinner of romantic webs, and Wert Monroe, the
town’s wealthiest bachelor, urged Pierce to put up a
fight to keep his wife, it became clear that no virile
man could stand the thought of the town’s mildest
male obtaining a monopoly on the radiant Peggy.
And though Pierce had two or three glamour girls in
reserve on his own string, his wife was still the gem
of his collection.

Just how Pierce and his wife’s embattled lovers
wrestled with their irritating love-challenge makes
one of Jack Woodford’s most amusing and diverting
novels. You will find FREE LOVERS a constant succession
of exciting episodes and amorous escapades.

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