Frisco Flat

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Monarch #153 - 1960
Monarch #153 - 1960 Back

Any Man Could Take Her But No Man Could Possess Her

From the back:

• To voluptuous TOSCA, Frankie Cargo was a man to make her forget her sordid past and provide her with a love-filled future.

• To wanton ARLENE, he was an instrument of pleasure, to be used at her convenience.

• To SAM BARLOW, he was a danger someone to be run out of town.

• To SHERIFF SPRINGER, he was a handy victim marked for early oblivion.

• To the townspeople, he was the hero who would take Springer and Barlow off their necks.

• Only time could tell who was right and who was wrong — and time was running out for FRANKIE CARGO…

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