2 thoughts on “Girls For The Coffin Syndicate”

  1. This cover is the retouched cover, as you’ve said, but you have it tagged as Walter Baumhofer. The original is obviously Baumhofer and is correctly tagged as such, but this re-painted one doesn’t look to me like Baumhofer himself retouched it. Look at the females in the back. That’s not how Baumhofer paints females. This touch-up was done by someone else other than Baumhofer. Who told you that it was done by the same artist as the original?

    I don’t (yet) know who the mystery touch-up artist is, but I will say this: every set of boobies are unique and if I ever see a pair, I NEVER forget them. I know I’ve seen this precise set of mammary glands before. Specifically, here:


    Whoever the touch-up artist was, he did BOTH of these repainted covers.

    1. Reviewing Baumhofer’s art (on this blog) again, I can find no examples of him drawing females in the far background, like was done in this painting, so I can’t really say, “That’s not how Baumhofer paints females.” Perhaps that IS how Baumhofer paints female in the FAR background? What I should have said is that’s not how Baumhofer paints FOREground females. Perhaps this cover was done by Baumhofer, after all? If so, then perhaps he touched up other covers, too, such as A Corpse at the Marriage Feast? (Which, btw, has the wrong url. It should be A-Corpse…not The-Corpse.)

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