Guaranteed To Thrill!

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Film Fun February 1931
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4 thoughts on “Guaranteed To Thrill!”

    1. However, the Nazis were using the swastika as a symbol from sometime before 1925 when Hitler mentions it in Mein Kampf. That having been said, especially early on, the Nazi swastika was, specifically, a black symbol on a white circle with a red background, rotated so a point was to the top. That swastika is red and oriented flatly to the top, so, given the time period, almost certainly not intended to be a Nazi swastika.

      Almost forgotten these days, the swastika was actually rather widely used in Europe as a symbol of good luck and success in life in the early part of the 20th century. It’s likely this is what the sweater is intended to mean.

  1. With a minimum of effort, you can find many examples of the pre-Nazi “good luck” swastika on the internet. Various companies, even hockey teams (search Google images for “hockey team swastika”), etc. used it as a symbol. If you search “Swastika drug company” you’ll see a box labeled “Hitler be damned. This is our sign since 1922.”

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