Her Student Lover

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Would an older woman devour him — or set him free?

A novel that spans the gaps in time, proving that lover are always the same age — at least for a while…

From the back:

“Can a college boy possibly believe women are too old for love at thirty-three?” she wondered.
“I must act much older than eighteen,’ he thought.

HELEN BRADBURY — whose civic-minded activities left her with unspent energies —and a husband too busy to care…
JERRY O’CONNER — whose fast-forming manhood put his innocence to shame—and the ideals with which he came to college on the shelf…
JUDY KERSHNER — whose youth and vivacious beauty made her much too popular—and the betrayal of Jerry with the football star only a matter of time…

The forthright story of a mature woman who wants to stay young, and a young man who wants to mature!


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