Hollywood Sex God


He founded a religious cult and declared himself the living reincarnation of the god of procreation, god of pleasure — and god of sex. And he and his worshipers paid homage to the shrine of the orgy.

From the back:

The Welcome Mat Is Out
and you’re invited to join the cult composed of satyrs and nymphomaniacs — where the burning questions of the day is what partner you wish, and where to have your-love affair! The self declared descendant of Priapus, god of love and procreation, has created a cult devoted to sex and pleasure, a large web that traps and holds all who enter. Caught in the mesh of passion are a honey blonde who looked for excitement and got more than she bargained for, and a two fisted ex-G.I. who finds himself a slow sacrifice — At The Shrine Of The Orgy


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