I Am Desire


Varieties of love — from the woman’s point of view. The daring story of three intimate affairs.

From the back:

MARIA . . . She waited and schemed, and finally gave her sister’s husband a taste of love he’d never forget
JOAN . . . To the other girls, that hotel holiday was just a little easy loving, but to Joan it was an obsession
SUZY . . . Just an innocent French bride in suburbia . . . until her husband taught her to do tricks for his friends

“As a writer associated with a daytime television series, I have read many letters and manuscripts from men and women telling their intimate stories. This was the start of I AM DESIRE. `Here is the material in book form. It has not been expurgated or abridged in any way (except that names and places have been changed). It has the absorbing quality of real life at its most raw and vital.”
—Robert Brent


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