Latent Lesbian

Saber Book #SA-97 1965

God, you’re beautiful,” Ginny said as their eyes met. Desire smoldered deep in Ginny’s eyes, causing Edie to suck in her breath as her body trembled uncontrollably.

From the back:

Five years of being brutally possessed by a husband that was nothing more than an animal, had left its mark on Edie Martin. The men she had met since filing for a divorce had been little better. Life had delt her some cruel blows but with the warmth and sympathy that her friend Ginny Davis offered perhaps she could build a new life for herself. She didn’t know that Ginny was a confirmed Lesbian. Ginny wanted Edie and was determined to have her. She was as determined as any of the men who’d possessed Edie and much more cunning.


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