Left Of Sex

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Two beautiful young women — one tortured young man — caught in the grip of an unholy triangle

From the back:

The Three Faces Of Lust — How Long Could They Hide Their Shameful Secret?
Andrea — beautiful, brilliant, tempestuous. She scorned all men but one and would use any wile to keep him for herself… including seduction of his lovely young wife…
Lois — who didn’t recognize the silken trap of softer arms and lips — until it was too late. Then, did she dare say, “I’m in love with another woman — your sister,” to her husband…
Rolf — handsome, successful young attorney, whose love for both women drew him into a strange triangle of abnormalcy.
Today’s open sex scandals no longer shock a nation used to screaming headlines. It is discovery of the forbidden, secret practices even among decent men and women that causes a furor!
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