Leopard Woman


She was one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in Africa. Her skin possessed a sheen not often found among Negroes. She was tall and graceful, with high, full breasts, and long, wonderfully molded legs. Her eyes were startling. They were oblique, and flecked with yellow. In the lamplight of that room they gleamed strangely.


One thought on “Leopard Woman”

  1. All right, so she’s probably from North Africa (where very few leopards reside) but honestly the only true African items here are the drummers. She looks like she stepped out of a seedy Grindhouse theatre after a session of sweaty burlesque; perhaps that is why she looks decidedly European because she’s a leopard…However going by the description – a lady I would love to meet….except she’s a leopard and I’m a kangaroo – it would end badly, son!

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