3 thoughts on “Let Them Drink Blood”

  1. Haha! It’s Albert Drake! Took me long enough to figure this one out and finally perceive his style. It’s even got his signature on it. (Which threw me off, cause I couldn’t quite make it out. But now I see the “A. DRA” and barely discernible “K”. I kept looking and seeing “DRM”, but it’s not an “M”, it’s an “A” followed by a faint “K”. The “A.” threw me off, too, because it looks like “A.ED” or even “A.JED” or “A.EP” etc. So many illusions with that stupid signature and this old faded, frayed and folded cover. But it’s “A. DRAKE” alright.) Btw, it was the woman’s face and hair that finally brought out the style.

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