Lust Is A Woman

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Beacon #B175
Beacon Books #B-175, 1958

… and so is Passion, Satan, Hell, and Sex. Although, Sex is also A Woman Named Nina

She Was A Pawn In An Evil Game
The Story Of Maria Who Wanted — Desperately — To Become A Movie Star

From the back:

She was a perfectly nice girl, this Maria Dugan — though possibly a little too attractive for her own good. Craving a vocation that would really furnish thrills and excitement, she decided to treat herself to a couple of weeks in fabled Miami. There she soon learned that the only way to interest a man was to treat him better than the other pretty vacationers did. Maria’s shocked girl-friend, Peggy, went back to New York. But Mario decided to play it alone….

So she found herself on a yacht, passing delightful hours with sleek, experienced Donald McKay. Then Donald induced her to go to that mysterious mansion in the Everglades, the one that jaded old men and rich young ne’er-do-wells loved to visit in secret! 
Too late Maria realized that her search for thrills had led her into slavery. She was about to become a plaything, a helpless object of lust….


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