Marked For Murder (Original Title: The Ivory Grin)


Everyone connected with this triple-crossing blonde was Marked For Murder

Not related to this Mike Shayne story


One thought on “Marked For Murder (Original Title: The Ivory Grin)”

  1. In many ways this book cover IS VERY MUCH related to the ‘Triple crossing blonde” in the 1945 Mike Shayne novel, “Marked For Murder”. Quote, ‘Everyone related to this triple-crossing blonde was marked for murder’.
    In Brett Halliday’s novel, the “blonde” killed many times:
    1. three different, male, lucky casino winners for their winnings.
    2. she gunned down the newspaper reporter (but he lived)
    3. she killed her blonde, female duplex-neighbor
    4. she ‘would have killed her own accomplice-boyfriend, but she was a “dyed- brunette” and Mike Shayne was present.
    PS.. someday I hope to be on JEOPARDY and the category is “Michael Shayne murder mysteries”, ha ha!

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