5 thoughts on “Murder Has One Eye”

  1. I like that there’s not a single suggestive thing about this cover.

    (Also, this style looks extremely familiar to me, but I’m too lazy to search through the covers to figure out who the artist is. Off-hand, I’m just gonna say it’s whatshisface.)

    1. Drum roll please…..It’s Raphael DeSoto! The clincher for me was the Test-Tube Frankenstein cover. Once I learned (per Pulp Artists dot com) that that was done by DeSoto, his style finally broke through to me. Strangely enough, my first thought on the above cover (before knowing who it was) was that it reminded me of DeSoto. But when I looked over his tagged covers on this blog, I still couldn’t make the connection. For some reason I needed the Test-Tube Frankenstein cover to finally connect all the dots. Now, finally being able to perceive his style, I see untagged DeSoto covers all over the blog, but I’m too lazy to point them all out. Maybe some other time.

      (Also, I can now recognize Rudolph W. Zim and John Drew and differentiate between the two. Perhaps I’ll point all those untagged covers out, too, another time.)

    1. The Gloria Stein cover’s female definitely has a similar face to the female in this cover, but it doesn’t trigger any “same artist” response in my mind. The painting style doesn’t fit. Nor does the style of the second cover (When The Death Light Shines), either.

      The four elements of this painting: the woman and her lighting effects, the man, the men in the background and the corpses, all bespeak a certain style that I’ve seen before. The detail on the woman and the man, in particular, are bugging the hell out of me. I’ve definitely seen this style before, but who it is? Perhaps it is an unknown artist that is, as yet, unlisted.

      Looking over all the Dime Mystery covers shows that most of the issues are of unknown cover artists (even though I spot some easily recognized John Drew covers that no one has listed there) :

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