3 thoughts on “Murder Must Go On”

  1. One of the genuine thrills I get from coming to this site every day or so is the discovery of a new writer. Well, new in my experience.

    When I saw this cover and the title of the novelette inside I thought it might be a series about a female PI. There actually were a few of those in the past. I looked up the Marquis of Broadway and found John Lawrence’s collection on Amazon. It was not what I was expecting, but it does look interesting.

    “NYPD Lieutenant Martin Marquis and the officers of his hand-picked Broadway Squad are the toughest, most vicious cops in pulp-fiction history. “The Marquis,” as he is called along Manhattan’s Main Stem, is trim and dapper, with a weathered face and deep-set blue eyes. In marked contrast to the average plainclothes officer, he dresses like one of New York’s “swells,” generally showing up at crime scenes clad in smartly angled derby hat, black silk scarf, black kid gloves, and shoes, dark suit, and ankle-length black Chesterfield coat. His appearance notwithstanding, the Marquis is practically a gangster with a badge, only marginally less corrupt than the underworld figures he pursues. Members of the Broadway Squad share his casual morality and frequently abuse their authority not only for financial gain but personal satisfaction as well.”

    Thank you, once again, for broadening my horizons.

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