6 thoughts on “Nudists Die Naked”

  1. Hi,
    Yes, this Manhunt IS a Maguire..However, the Deadly Lady of Madagascar is incorrect..He did the newer version you show..I don’t know who did the earlier version..L.

    1. ahem…. This must be the debut appearance of the novel STRIPPED TO KILL.
      Still a very fun read.

          1. Sometime this year I will have all the old reference photos on my website. I want people to be able to see them and judge for themselves when identifying covers. My web guy is also about halfway through my Maguire archives which include about 1200 illustrations. (400 more than Gary Lovisi’s list.) There are some great finds, like Jim Thompson’s first novel and a few other choice Lions. Also some LP covers, magazines etc. When everything is up, I will try to get the word out. L.

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