Sinful Cities Of The Western World


The truth about the international traffic in women!


Bandit Burgess and the Blonde Bitch of Bethlehem


Also featuring The Shame of Montreal: Canadian Sin-Center Haven For Girl-Happy Tourists, Danger: Blood, Gold and Sharks, and The House of Paradise: Where All The Girls Wore Wings


You Can Be A Blackmail Victim!


Note the woman in the back with the whip.

Also featuring $2,000,000 In Treasure — If You’re Not Afraid Of The Screaming Virgin Curse!, and I Was A Call-Girl’s Boyfriend!


Inside Nazi Torture Chambers


Also featuring I Escaped from the Tunnel of 1000 Corpses, Tokyo’s Sin Spots: Nippon’s Nifty Nudes!, and His Reward Was A Harem: Rusty Moore and his 49 Bundles of Love!


The Sweet Smell Of Sin


Sex and money were all that existed for him — and all he existed for!


The Two Sisters


Their frustrated longings made life itself into a luxury of passion

I don’t know what that means, but I am going to go ahead and assume lesbianism.


The Swap Set

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Beacon Books #B622F, 1962 thumbnail
24280553-The_Swap_Set,_paperback_cover thumbnail
Beacon Books #B622F, 1962

Her Husband Pushed Her Into Infidelity!

Brad Meredith looked at his wife… and thought of the other man. “Why don’t you have an affair with him?” he asked suddenly. “It might do you good.”

From the back:

A Loyal Wife Becomes An Adulterous Wife — By Special Request Of Her Husband!

Lovely Gwen Meredith resented the ill-concealed affairs of her husband, Brad. After all, what young and passionate wife wouldn’t?
So when he suggested that she too “play around,” she looked for a likely candidate — and she didn’t have to look far because manly bachelor Mike Guthrie was already panting to take up where Brad left off…
Mike’s fight to hold Gwen begins when her pre-marital past appears, eager to reclaim her favors. Millionaire Eric Barron, once of the international jet set, says he was there first — and neither Brad nor Mike have any rights.
Gwen tries to call a halt to everything… but finds herself only at the beginning of a frenzy of surrender to her unleashed physical instincts…

What Happens When A Husband Suddenly Loosens The Reins On His Wife? An Engrossing Novel Of Mutual Marital Infidelity!


The Harem

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Bernard, painter of nudes, loves all three. As models and mistresses they share an island paradise until the artist’s brother comes uninvited.

Taken from the pages of a famous painter’s diary, The Harem reveals the extraordinary story of a beautiful woman who shared her conjugal rights in one of the strangest households of Europe.


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The Wicked and the Warped

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1959 Berkley G-161

A Novel Of The Flesh Peddlers And The Girls They Sell

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