Slow Burn

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Dell Books B220 1961

Robert Flick discovers that when a dame’s too hot to handle, she’ll blaze away at you — with a loaded gun.


One Of Those Cruises

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The passenger list read; Miriam—, Jessie—, Helen—, Lily—, Nanette… And every one of them was throwing their pretty, papered body at Mike Maddock!

About The Well-Heeled Women Who Go To Sea For Thrills, And The Sordid Men Who Supply Them — For A Price!

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Too Sweet To Die (A John Easy Mystery)

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The Hollywood dick and the girl the gorillas wanted

The cast of characters: John Easy, the swinging, VW-driving, Hollywood private eye, the man in the gorilla suit, the ex-legislator with the fag secretary, and the thug pals. The doctor who directed the Howl Therapy clinic, the Fellini of skin flicks and his harem of sexpots, and Jill Jeffers, the girl who was Too Sweet to Die